Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble & ANIMUS

Wed. June 3rd, 7:30pm @ Mandell Theater, 33rd & Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

The Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble Presents: 

Your Favorite Country and Eastern Hits!

The Drexel University Mediterranean Ensemble--under the direction of Bruce Kaminsky--featuring acclaimed members of the World Music Fusion band Animus will perform a free concert on Wednesday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. within Drexel University's Mandell Theater. Mandell Theater is located on 33rd and Chestnut Street. Information: 215-895-ARTS.

This concert is presented by the Drexel University Department of Performing Arts/Westphal College of Media Arts &Design, and features the always exciting and entertaining Mediterranean Ensemble under the direction of Bruce Kaminsky. Special guest ensemble Animus, under the direction of Bill Koutsouros, creates an exciting fusion of ancient and modern music using traditional elements of Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Latin styles melded into progressive rock. The evening will include such Eastern Mediterranean hits as “Rumpi Rumpi,” “Erev Ba” and “Ah Ya Zahn,” plus original compositions by Animus.