Bill & Tammy's Children's World Music Express


Children’s World Music Express (CWME) celebrates cultural diversity through music and movement.  We engage children in a variety of rhythms, melodies, songs, and dances from around the world. 

Enjoy worldly, traditional, and original songs infused with ethnic sounds and beats, using  instruments from Greece, Africa, India, South America, Middle East, and Asia.

Bill & Tammy's CWME

Bill & Tammy's Children's World Music Express singing, dancing and having lots of musicial fun with everyone at the Kimmel Center!

About Bill

About Tammy

Children are born with the potential to share in a culturally diverse society. Music is a powerful vehicle for learning and teaching tolerance. This universal language that beats in all of us and empowers us to sing for understanding and peace is a gift for all generations.                       ~ Bill & Tammy